My Favorite Website

My Favorite Website
July 23, 2008, 12:42 am | Edit this
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My favorite website is This is the website for a popular cable channel. It has crafts and decorating ideas which include instructions right online that you can print from your home computer. In addition to those, it also has construction, landscaping, and travel programs with house and garden themes. It has helped me to learn how to have more technological experiences, as I have to research the shows and the instructions for the craft ideas demonstrated.

It does appear much like the blogging format. When you go to that site, they often give related links, not only to advertisers, but also to similar subject areas. So I often end up printing half a ream of paper with instructions for craft projects. I have been visiting this website for four or five years now and it has helped me to create many gifts made with love for family and friends. I also use it as a resource for ideas for a womens’ group that meets in my home once a month called “Sweet Monday.” I have found this site to be an inspiration and an outlet for my creative ideas.

Every year HGTV has a contest for a cottage and you have to sign-up for it online. The cottages have been located around the country including Colorado, Florida, and Georgia. The advertisement for the cottage allows you to take a virtual tour of every room as well as the outside landscaping. It was the first time I had ever participated in a virtual-share site.


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