About Me

Hi everyone!

This is my very first blog experience and I am looking forward to reading and responding to your comments. I don’t know the proper Blog etiquette, whether I should use paragraphs or write in continuous sentences. When I started college “back-in-the-day,” we registered for our classes with the punch cards that had “shads” and you could not “bend, fold, staple, or mutilate” the cards in any way because they would not work in the mammoth computers. You had to guard these cards with your life, as it was the only form of registration for your classes. So, today I find using the computer and technology both a blessing and a curse. The learning curve is a steep hill for me to climb, but the information and convenience for doing research is absolutely wonderful! I am finishing up my BLA degree and I have had a most adventuresome life getting here! I have even become a Grandmother before completing my undergraduate degree.


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