Internet and E-Commerce-Class 6

18 07 2008

The major difference that I find between a brick-and-motar store and the website for JOANN Fabrics and Crafts store is the amount of product available.  The on-line site has been informative about product resoures. The same products are also in the store but with additional choices and I use the website to research, by reading the customer ratings for specific products. I recently purchased a sewing machine and the coupon offers were the same whether purchased on-line or in the store but after reading the customer ratings, I went to the store and had a sales person demonstrate the machine and compared it to the customer ratings.

The on-line site is easy to navigate but there is not enough product and when I type in a specific inquiry, it responds but not with consistent information. For example, I was looking for a knit baby sweater pattern and it gave me one response but when I went to the ‘knit and crochet’ tab it gave me 3 chioces different from my first search. I find going on-line is just as time consuming as going to the store and I get a lot more choices at the store. I have been using for so long and it is so easy to get around that I expect other on-line sites to operate in the same user friendly manner. So, my first instinct is to go to the brick-and motar store unless it is for books and then I use, followed by a trip to Books-a-million or Barnes and Noble stores.




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