Networks and Telecommunications Blog Post-Class 5

17 07 2008

We recently installed FiOS in our home. My husband made all the arrangements and I thought he was so clever to go ditigal before Feburary, 2009. So, for this post I interviewed him using the questions in our topic choices. I was expecting his answers would impress me with his technical knowledge. However, I was totally surprised when he said, “I just wanted to teach ComCast a lesson”! He was motivated by the cost savings he would realize with the Verizon program which offered cable TV, internet, wireless connections in our home and a land line phone for $126.00 a month where as ComCast with cable TV and the internet was $100.00 a month. Both systems are high speed and there was little change in service except we did gain more TV stations. The whole system was installed in just a few hours, it included a router box that sits beside our desktop computer and a small modem box mounted on the wall in our utility room. If we want to use a laptop in another room besides the den in our house we do have to use a password which Verizon provided. Some our children’s friends have been impressed that we are so advanced and they bring their laptops and put in the password and are able to use their laptops while at our house. Now, we can open our own internet cafe!




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